Escape Hunt FAQs

Can our company do team building here?  Absolutely.  We have a separate division dedicated especially to corporate and special events.  Please contact us for details of a private corporate event in our adventure base in Melbourne.  In our game centre we specialize in team building exercises by playing the games first as groups and then seminar sessions afterwards to build on corporate objectives such as ice breaking, group puzzles, evaluation as well as having fun!

What kind of corporate events can we do?  The idea is learning through play.  We aim to assess, discuss and analyse. We do all of the above for teamwork, leadership, personal motivation, team structure, empowerment, initiative building, ongoing corporate and individual improvement.  We use game-play to challenge people individually and in group settings.

How many people can you accommodate?  We are able to accommodate up to 30 people at a time in our 5 indoor game rooms.

For enquiries please contact [email protected]